This Wine is For Roommates

Fire Road Marlborough Pinot Noir
New Zealand

Producer: Alana McGettagin
Importer: Winesellers Ltd.
Year: 2008
Price $19.99

This is the wine that you drink with your girls from college, the ones you still refer to as roommates, despite the fact that you are now spread around the globe and wrapped up in your own versions of adulthood… Except for that once-or-twice-a-year wonder when you move back in together. It is dusk on the first evening, and against the soundtrack of your early twenties, you move around the kitchen like the well-oiled machine that you remain… one friend spinning the salad while another tests the sauce, two more set the table while another watches the sun disappear from the balcony. You? You just smile and pour the wine – because, for one moment, everything is as it should be. And that in itself deserves a toast.

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