This Wine is For the Everyday Bullfighter

Gazur Tempranillo
Ribera Del Duero

Producer: Telmo Rodriguez
Importer: Vintus
Vintage Year: 2006
Price: $18.99

Clean and smooth with a short finish. This is the wine that the bullfighter drinks with his reheated leftovers. Its flavor sparkles, a flash of crimson, enticing you to charge ahead, yet it woos you into a comfortable calm, one step away from siesta. The bullfighter tosses his jacket across the futon and puts the game on in the background. He checks his mail – more bills – and plays the voicemail from his mother. Then he cracks open the Gazur and pours a hearty glass. He stands in his kitchen, sipping his wine, recalling every twist, every turn, every second of alarm and tango with danger that is (for him) just another day at the office.

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