This Wine is For My Tortured Adolescent Grunge Self

Adelaida Schoolhouse Recess Red
Paso Robles

Producer: Adelaida
Importer: n/a
Vintage: 2006
Price: $13.99

Break out the flannel and men’s corduroy pants for this bad boy, a kitchen sink blend with more varietals than a teenager’s mood swings. Your disheveled, disillusioned friends at the coffeehouse will all agree – this wine has what it takes to combat a stormy bout of early 90’s nostalgia. Pour a glass, turn up the Candlebox and think of the good old days. When Friday night was just another evening spent whiling the hours away in your room, scribbling furiously in journals and hosting a Kurt Cobain séance. When every surface was covered in lyrics and every mix tape included a desperately disturbing Pearl Jam number. When every day was both a horrific routine and a circus of drama. You may realize, at times, that not much has changed.

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