This Wine is For Your Urban Family

Green & Red Zinfandel
Napa Valley

Producer: Green & Red Vineyards
Importer: N/A

Year: 2007
Price: $21.99

Fruity flavors tempered with smoky sage – just the complement for your family away from family. On some occasions – Sunday nights, Monday blues, holidays, promotions – calling a friend just won’t do. These are moments when you seek out your urban family: those who embrace you in your new environment, transforming it into a familiar place. They know to bring more than one bottle to a dinner for three and are forthcoming with kind words, yet quick to dish out honest (if not biting) advice.

Over a glass, you can’t help but admire the members of your talented family – one’s subtle wit lights up a tale of work woes, another nonchalantly whips up a meal worthy of a two star Michelin rating, and as she tests the sauce, you realize she is wearing the sweater she borrowed from you last winter. (Such is the urban family life, sharing clothes, cabs, recipes, duets during road trips and the trials of making it on your own). Here you rest easy in your supporting role, laughing and encouraging, tasting and marveling.

Celebrate your urban family by enjoying this wine, be it for a holiday party or simply to commemorate a Thursday night. Just as we can choose the wines we love, how lucky we are to have the unique ability to choose this family we cherish, so much so that when we actually do go home, we have the sense that someone is missing.

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