This Wine Hopes You Didn’t Make A Fuss

Rusty Boar Red Wine
Washington State

Producer: Rusty Boar Wine Company
Importer: N/A
Year: 2007
Price: $15.99

Bottled with the label Rusty Boar, it pours more like a fluffy puppy, licking your face and wagging its tail in an effort to win your affection. It is an innocent introduction to a more sinister wine lurking in your cabinet. While most reds arrive with ceremony, accompanied by a posse of bling-flashing flavors, this one knocks timidly on the door before noticing it is half open, and steps inside with an apology for not calling ahead. It is enjoyable and without immediate harm. Like screening your blind date on Facebook before he picks you up on Friday night. Like starting the next chapter in the story despite an early morning alarm. Like most things in life, before you infuse them with your incessant, tedious melodrama.

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