This Wine is For The Working Girl

A to Z Pinot Noir

Producer: A to Z Wineworks
Importer: N/A
Year: 2008
Price: $21.99

She steps into the apartment and closes the door with a heavy sigh, leaning against it to kick off first one treacherous heel, and then the other. What the hell had she been thinking wearing heels that day? No matter. The apartment is empty and quiet, the first room she has entered that day without an immediate ambush of questions, demands, or issues with the storyboards. The storyboards! They are a million miles away as she makes her way to the kitchen, opens the fridge, and mentally calculates if any dish can be created out of cereal, ketchup, and cottage cheese… Some “Man vs. Wild” makeshift version of lasagna, perhaps?

Another sigh. No, no. She won’t go there. She will order sushi. Retracing her steps to the living room, she reaches for a glass and a bottle she has been saving for just this kind of day. The kind where everything was against her – clients, executives, assistants, the guy at Starbucks, the CTA… But she moved here for a reason. She worked her way up the proverbial ladder, against the proverbial grain. And for all the negatives, her outlook is eternally positive. Yes, she will order sushi, and she will persevere. She will continue to cross her T’s, dot her I’s, mind her P’s and Q’s, and enjoy her A to Z.

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