Conference Woes and Edgy Bows

Bow down, hipster.

So here I am – at a digital/tech conference – manning my company’s booth. I walk in with stacks of collateral-filled boxes, proud of myself for abandoning the suit today: opting for a more casual, subtle animal print skirt and crisp button down…it’s like I am one of the kids! I don’t represent The Man, rather I am hip like you over there, in your untucked tee bearing the name of your successful mobile application start up company…tell me that part about Zuckerberg again? I am met with skinny jeans, Chuck Taylors and denim jackets, and suddenly my get-up appears as edgy as Mary Poppins.

Of course I am foolish and self-centered to think anyone here cares about my fashion choices.  More likely, they are judging the fact that I am hammering away on my PC (gasp!) and tickling the ebony keys of my blackberry (shudder) – immediately stripping whatever street cred I thought I was radiating.

Did I just spot argyle… oh, I am sure it was ironic.  Sigh.


— La

2 thoughts on “Conference Woes and Edgy Bows

  1. Could our first posts on the new blog be any more appropriate to our personalities? By the way, Mary Poppins was on this weekend, and you bet your ass I watched it.

  2. Hahahaha could not agree more and missed Mary Pops (Steppin’ time, steppin time), but did catch Clueless inspiring my Zuckerberg comment… “tell me that part about Kenny G again..”

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