Vendredi Livre

The first ThisWine book review comes about under somewhat awkward circumstances.  First off, I only just started the book tonight, and thus am nowhere near finishing it or coming up with any legitimate opinions about it for some time. 

Secondly, it’s Friday night.  A few texts from my college roommates confirmed the oddity that my life has become – in the span of time that they have known me, I have gone from borrowed Wet Seal tube tops and sugary $3 well drinks to a book and a bottle of barolo.  (Most would likely say that is for the best).  So for better or worse, I find myself writing this post as I settle down to read by myself in a quiet apartment on a weekend night…  It’s cold outside.  I have a cuddly puppy.  The actual radio is on, softly playing in the background.  I dare someone to disagree with my decision to stay in.

But I digress.  The third absurdity of timing is that I have been wanting to read this book for a few years now and just never got around to getting hold of a copy.  Once I have finished, I will update this post with a proper review, but in the meantime, the book is Suite Francaise by Irene Nemirovsky, and ten pages in, all signs point to magnifique.

– Bridget

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