The Calm Before The Storm

The house is quiet.  And partially clean.  Laundry is on and the shopping list is, well, a work in progress.  Thanksgiving is almost (but not quite) here.  Before it arrives, wielding a 20-pound turkey that I will somehow manage to cook, I thought I’d take a quick pause for some much-needed reflection.

Everyone is always thankful for the same old things – loved ones, health, happiness, etc.  That’s because these are the things that have been on humanity’s list since the dawn of time.  While I am of course thankful for the old standards, rather than restate the obvious, I’m going to take a different approach.

Top Ten Things I Am Thankful For That Usually Don’t Make The List

10)  Garlic.  OK, maybe not exclusively garlic, but it’s representative of cooking, and truly, is there anything better than the smell of garlic and onions in a pot at the start of a great recipe?  The answer is no.  There is not.

9)  Fall.  Specifically, leaves crunching, comfy sweaters, hot drinks and football.

8)  My Dog.  To be exact, the way he plays at the dog park and wags his tail in his sleep.

7)  Nostalgia, as illustrated in the shoeboxes full of pictures that I keep from “the olden days.”

6)  Predictability in the form of romantic comedies I have seen a million times but continue to watch time and again all the same.

5)  Anticipation of a party, a present, or a reunion with a friend.

4)  The fact that I get to visit Ireland and the above picture regularly.

3)  Laughing so hard you can’t speak.

2)  Having dreams – yes, even as a grown-up.

1)  And of course wine.  (It had to be said).

What (almost) makes your list?

— Bridget

2 thoughts on “The Calm Before The Storm

  1. I’m thankful for all of my limbs and an easy life and the Service Members who’ve lost theirs. Working at Walter Reed National Miliary Medical Center, I’m surrounded by young adults who’ve faced great danger, survived, and will live the rest of their lives rehabilitating. It”s hard not to be thankful in this place.

    Second, I’m thankful for friends that share their lives in a digita medium. Bridget’s blog posts, pictures of Maeve, and Moira and Laura’s witty (Moira) and hipster (Laura) posts brighten my days as I read them over lunch, waiting for a meeting, or on a conference call (shhh).

    Third, I’m thankful for the nail salon that’s open until 11pm. 11pm! They have all of the OPI and Shellac gel colors and flutes of champagne. It’s Monday night bliss.

    Happy Thanksgiving O’Malleys!

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