This Wine Is For My Maternity Leave


Miller High Life
“The Champagne of Beers”

Because something so common
Can also prove to be so unfamiliar.

From rainy days in the nursery,
To sunny days in the park.
From weekday lunches with Daddy,
To the many nights (or mornings?) I have spent
In the chair I was wise enough to splurge on –
Singing softly, feeding, whispering, watching over.

From the first clumsy snap of a onesie,
To our first book, “Barnyard Dance”.
From our first waltz around the kitchen,
To that first sweet, deep belly laugh –
The one that left me reeling, filled with wonder.

From the first look that you gave me (ever!) that night (or morning?) in May,
To the last look that you gave me just before you fell asleep tonight,
And for every moment in between…
I will cherish all of it always.
And all of my toasts, for the rest of my altered life,
They will hold – as I do you – these memories.

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