This Wine Is For Our Favorite Shirt


Vincent Red

Producer: Mark Ryan Winery
Importer: n/a
Year: 2010
Price: $20

At some point — 1996, to be exact — he bought it in a small shop in Barcelona, while on vacation with his mother.

Ten years later, it became mine.

Or rather, I suppose, it became ours — like the books on the shelves and the pictures in the frames, the art on the walls and the crystal in the hutch. One of many things that make up our world — like the lamp in the corner and the barbecue grill.

Some time ago, it held only his memories, but now every moment is shared. Like this wine, it is a well-balanced blend with a long finish — a souvenir from a life lived together.

This Wine is For Dog Sitting

O’Reilly’s Pinot Noir

Producer: O’Reilly’s
Importer: n/a
Year: 2009
Price: $20.99

Chasing, sniffing, slobbering, snoozing: the typical dog day activities. A routine similar to the discovery and enjoyment of this wine tonight. Exhausted, returning from Fido’s 27th jaunt of the day, you hunt down the appropriate bottle from your ever dwindling stash. A quick whiff of the ruby glass, and your mouth starts to water. The first sip, and your weary bones thank you.

Limbs and paws assume their respective lounge positions on couch and floor. Atop your pedestal, you peer at the wiry bundle of fur and wonder how he has already fallen into a peaceful slumber. For once, the hard wood appears much more inviting than your cushy perch. Glass in hand, you slide down and sidle up, careful not to disturb sleeping (snoring) beauty. Woman and dog have found their place for the evening… at least until the next glass.

This Wine is For The Home-Cooked Meal

Yangarra Shiraz
McLaren Vale

Producer: Yangarra Estate Vineyard
Importer: Sovereign Wine Imports
Year: 2007
Price: $22.99

On a whim, you toss this wine in your shopping cart, along with other items that somehow amount to an exorbitant sum at the Whole Foods checkout counter. Returning home, you unpack your ingredients and uncork this wine, ready to get down to the business of chopping, whisking, and sipping. This evening is exactly what you needed: a little music, some casual conversation, and a healthy dose of introspection as you wait for the sauce to thicken. Likewise, this wine is exactly what you needed: it sets you free, enabling you to cook the way you should also live – veering from the recipe just enough to make it your own.