This Wine is For Toasting

Sanguis “The Optimist” Syrah
Santa Maria Valley

Producer: Sanguis
Importer: n/a
Year: 2005
Price: $59.99

As this syrah’s name would unsubtly allude, she is a happy girl, a delightfully drinkable wine – bold, sweet and spicy. She is a toasting wine. Retreating to the deck to enjoy autumn’s swan song of outdoor splendor, chic dinner outfits bundled beneath cozy sweaters, the Optimist takes in the scene, settling comfortably in a decanter beside the bride. Deep breaths of cool air, anxious fingers drumming on empty glasses, and eyes meeting… A silent joint decision is made – not the first for these two – and hands brush each other in a race for the wine. Lavish servings are poured, soft words exchanged, and again, the sound of glasses clinking. The sharing of happy memories and laughter. A couple’s self-serenade in the early hours of the 366th day of marriage.