This Wine is For New Beginnings

Jeio Prosecco

Producer: Desiderio
Importer: Vias Imports Ltd.
Price: $10.99

For the bubbles, let’s all raise a glass
To Dan, as he heads back to class;
To the dream that he is pursuing –
We’re so proud of what you are doing.

Proud to call both of you best friends
And to be here for you as this chapter ends.
Your new adventure awaits on the east coast,
So tonight, this is what we celebrate most:

To the love that continues to grow every day;
To a couple committed to making their own way;
To the joy and success you will soon come to know;
To the home you create,
And make beautiful,
Wherever you go.

** First toasted with friends on July 9th, 2011

This Wine is For That Girl

You know the one –
Over there,
In the fleece vest and drawstring pants,
In clever disguise or bawdy costume,
In chic attire, borrowed from your closet
Or purchased that day, after brunch,
With too much champagne but with great ambition.
The one with the heart on her sleeve,
And a face for every punctuation in the book.

You know That Girl –
She has it all together,
Yet collapses in a fit of laughter at your feet.
The one who creeps, chugs, and lays one on you;
Who hoards soy sauce and expounds pop culture;
She dances across near and distant lands,
Sings Journey at the bar and Ave Maria at your wedding,
And she does it all with everything she’s got.

You love That Girl –
And in some way, you’re certain,
Inexplicably and always:
She lives in the room right beside yours.

— Toast her with 2009 Sofia Blanc de Blancs

This Wine is For First Date Jitters

Segura Viudas Brut Reserva Cava

Producer: Segura Viudas
Vintage: N/A
Price: $8.99

The bottle is decisively popped as a temporary solution (or perhaps distraction?) to her overwhelming wardrobe conundrum. Returning, glass in hand, to a mountain of cast aside options, she reexamines the scene, pitting her choices against one another. Buttoned up or down? Denim or micro-mini? Heels or flats (how tall is he anyway?)? Finally, even the clock throws up its hands – decision time. Clasping at the belt of her terry robe, she frantically asks her roommate to address her suitor’s nervous knock. She is resolute not to be the classic rom com “first date girl”. One last delicate swig brings unfounded enlightenment: with a quick confident look in the mirror, she self assuredly strides to the door.